Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hard-Boiled Eggs, No Seriously . . . .

You are about to read the one and only "recipe" contributed by my fiancee. What can I say, he has been nothing but a bachelor for 47 years. He has this recipe because he once saw his mother boil eggs and thought it was the most fascinating and tasty thing ever. He then had his mother write down this "recipe" for him. I made the mistake of laughing when he presented the "recipe" card to me and subsequently pointed out that - if even I knew how to hard-boil eggs - then surely everyone else on earth must already know as well. And, of course, he looked immediately hurt and then spent the better part of the next half hour walking me through the "recipe" step-by-step, explaining that his mother obviously did something "special and different" to her eggs. He even included a helpful sidebar explaining what the phrase "medium heat" meant. See the groundbreaking instructions for this culinary masterpiece below . . . . .

  • Put the desired number of eggs into a saucepan and cover them with water
  • Bring that water to a full boil using medium heat
  • Turn off heat and let stand for 15 minutes
  • Rinse eggs in cold water, remove shells, and serve
Congratulations. You have, according to my fiancee, just read the "recipe" that will change the world of food preparation forever.

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  1. hahahahaha I really am hearing about his progression and additional recipes on the blog!!! P.S. Congrats to the two of you!!!