Saturday, February 6, 2010

Abby's Punch

5 Parts vodka (Ketel One or better)
2 Parts lemonade (I like Simply Lemonade)
1 Part limeade (Again, the Simply brand is best)
1 Part OJ (any brand, NO PULP)
1/2 Part pure lemon juice
1/2 Part ginger ale (or champagne, for an extra kick)
LOTS of ice (crushed)

I serve it in highballs, by which I mean plastic Solo cups. If you are making this for one or two folks - like on a drink by drink basis - it's really awesome to mix it in a martini shaker. It, obvs, gets super fizzy and extra cold that way but wouldn't be practical for a larger number of people. If making it for a group, I recommend mixing it in something with a spout and providing cups filled with ice to serve it in. Plan on adding extra vodka, ginger ale, and ice repeatedly if you are serving it this way.

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